Summer Vacation

Did a bit of work in the yard today and gotta say I was totally in my zen.  Breaking a sweat, covered in dirt, bugs crawling on me….good stuff.  Except for the chipmunk incident (see previous post) there really is nothing like working in my tiny little yard and enjoying the view.


Amazing how cucumbers know to grow up on the fence left for them…


Finally, tiny beans growing on my tiny green bean plants…


Zucchini is massive…and we’ve got fruits!

100_1688 100_1687

Black-eyed Susans ready to bloom…


Broccoli…better late than never!


The first blossom on the morning glory vine…

(did have a chat with one of the chickens about NOT pecking at the bloom!)

100_1696 100_1695 100_1694

My girls….

100_1686 100_1685 100_1684

and my vines.

I need this summer vacation.  Aside from getting my master’s project complete, I might finally learn how to relax.

Happy Summer!!