An Open Letter to the Chipmunk


Dear Chipmunk,

You may have won the battle for the last two nights, but the war is by no means over.  The digging in the strawberry planter…well the holes were small and you haven’t done any more since.  And I get that the new experimental mosquito trap was just an open invitation for you to knock it over….my bad for not hanging it up.  But the tiki torches?!  Seriously, what makes you want to dig at them and knock them over?  I’ve been more than accommodating when you took residence in the drywell…and inside the garage siding….and probably under the deck.  I’m sure you realize by now that the dog is more than adept at catching things…lord knows she has enough practice when she visits her grandparents.  But have I sent her out after you?? No.  And did I let her chase you when you were CLEARLY in her path of destruction and could have been just a memory??  No.

Here’s what I propose….

You leave ALONE my plantings, veggies, tiki torches, and whatever else I spend a LOT of time caring for.  In return, I leave you alone.  Rumor has it you aren’t fond of garlic…and hot peppers.  You may find a scent around the tiki torches when they are once again erected where I want them.  I’m sure it won’t take much to sprinkle some solution into your favorite hiding places.

I’m all for co-existence with nature, but I have my boundaries…


The Home Owner