Chick Day

Chick Day

What can I say….I caved and got four more!


The Rooster



Just discovered someone is a “he”. 

How bad could it be to keep one little rooster?? He’s entertaining to watch and really not that loud.  Never planned on a rooster….we’re in it for the eggs. 

So after mulling it over the last several days since hearing the first crow, we decided to find him a new home. I was so close to keeping him and raising more silkies, but Honey did not appear amused when I said we could build him and his mate a second coop.

Now to find him a home where he will be appreciated and not turned into chicken cordon blue.

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What to do, what to do….

So far this year I’ve watched I,robot 8 different times.  Not so much because I can’t get enough of it, but it’s a good movie to show my classes.  We talk about the future, what robots do, what humans do, and their (my students’) perspective of where humanity is headed.  The dark, automated world portrayed in the movie makes me wonder…will this really be us in the future?

ImageMy yard is small (less than a quarter of an acre) but I love every green part of it.  My family loves to tease me about my lack of chemicals on it, but I know deep down they appreciate being able to eat right from the garden and walk barefoot across the lawn.  Personally, I like all the crabgrass….at least it’s green!

Can I be more environmentally friendly?  Sure.  Can I convince my family to be more environmentally friendly?  Maybe.  And what about my neighbors, friends, family, community?  I guess we’ll find out!

And so it begins….